More than 3 million service members have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan since October 2001. Most Returning Veterans and Active Duty have served numerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Repeated returns to the battlefront complicate their ability to integrate back into society. Thousands of Combat Veterans go undiagnosed and undertreated for PTSD by the Military and VA. The current VA regulations and processes are making it nearly impossible for these Soldiers to receive the help they need. The VA and Army admit their system is "broken."

Suicide Rate Among Vets and Active Duty Military Jumps - Now 22 A Day!

is here to fill the gap for our Returning Combat Veterans

We provide Specialized Treatment for PTSD Combat Veterans, through VIP (Veteran Intervention Plan). We work with other NonProfit Organizations, Private Medical Care Providers and other needed professionals to provide all services at no cost to our Combat Veterans or their families. Please know that an emotional response to life threatening situations, either yours or someone else's, cannot be "trained out" of a person, not even a Combat Soldier! PTSD is a real emotional response to a life threatening event and must be properly treated early on. VIP is the only multifaceted, comprehensive treatment program for Combat Veterans with PTSD and TBIs.

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Partner with us today! Together we can help bring well-being back to our Veterans suffering with PTSD.

As grateful Americans it is our responsibility to HELP THOSE WHO KEEP US FREE!

Your donation will fund the private resources provided to VIP enrolled Veterans, Community PTSD education, and our efforts to change Military policies.
A gift of $100 is suggested.

What PTSD is REALLY like

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